Nisse brand introduces its Resort 2023 collection, where style seamlessly blends with comfort. Featuring standout pieces of the season, Nisse designs stand out with their unique details and high-quality craftsmanship.

If you refuse to compromise on style even on sunny days, the Nisse Resort 2023 collection is made for you. With a diverse range of options to suit every taste, you'll find pieces that reflect the holiday spirit while combining elegance with comfort.

With Nisse, express your style freely in the Resort 2023 season and maintain your elegance with ease in every moment. Explore our collection to discover this season's favorite pieces.

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The black strappy crop top pairs great with most wardrobe items. This versatile design can easily complement different styles with its simple cut and black color. While its strappy structure increases its wearability in both summer and non-summer seasons, this crop top matches perfectly with all kinds of bottoms. While emphasizing the elegance of the wearer, this piece can be an indispensable item in your wardrobe as an original and eye-catching piece. This crop top, which can be used for both daily wear and special events, is an ideal option to highlight your style. RESORT '23
Inspired by timeless rock 'n' roll band t-shirts, this t-shirt is made with silk screen printing with a soft cotton texture. This design, which pays homage to the legendary bands of rock music, offers a retro atmosphere and original style. Eye-catching graphics with silk screen printing make this t-shirt unique and eye-catching. This piece, which you can use for both daily wear and special events such as going to concerts, can be an indispensable part of your wardrobe while emphasizing the wearer's passion for music and originality. RESORT '23
This sleeveless basic in is finished with a silk screen print of "Summer 23" in white letters and a black collar contour. This design has a minimal and modern style and attracts attention with its silk screen printing details. While the "Summer 23" text reflects the energy of summer, the black collar contour makes this basic unique. This piece, which you can easily use both for daily wear and on hot summer days, can be one of the indispensable items in your wardrobe while reflecting the style and energy of the wearer. RESORT '23
This black mini skirt is a stylish and striking piece embroidered with black beads on floral lace. While the lace details of the skirt create a feminine and elegant atmosphere, black bead embroidery adds shine and a striking touch to the skirt. RESORT '23
An eye-catching pair of shorts made of classic vegan leather, with all its sparkling beaded look hand-embroidered, combines elegance and eye-catching detail. While the design of the shorts offers elegance and shine thanks to the embroidered bead details, the classic vegan leather texture maintains its elegance and durability. RESORT '23
This elegant lace black dress with a high collar and lining offers a new look as it can also be worn unlined. This versatile dress adapts to the wearer's style preferences and different occasions, offering an impressive and stylish option either way, with its delicate lace texture and unique design. RESORT '23
Made from black satin with silver stripes, these mini shorts are a striking piece that combines elegance and elegance. The design of the shorts attracts attention with the elegant shine of silver lines, while the black satin texture represents elegance and luxury. RESORT '23
Made from soft cotton linen, these white trousers offer a cool, comfortable option on warm weather days. The light structure and white color of the trousers have become an indispensable part of the summer months, while their wide cut provides freedom of movement. These trousers, which can easily match all kinds of daily combinations, can be one of the basic pieces of your wardrobe. RESORT '23
This perfectly fitting black vegan leather jacket offers a finishing touch with crystal-look buttons. While the design of the jacket offers a stylish and modern look, it highlights elegance with its crystal-looking buttons. While the black vegan leather texture offers a durable and stylish feel, this jacket stands out as a piece that can quickly elevate any outfit. RESORT '23
This classic body-hugging cross-stripe dress offers a silhouette that's versatile from day to night. This elegant design perfectly complements your style on both business days and special events. RESORT '23
Shaped with a low waist, flare cut, allover seams and patches, these blue stretch jeans offer a comfortable look. The design of the trousers offers a modern and stylish style, while the flare cut makes the legs look long and slim. All-over seams and patches emphasize the original look of the trousers and ensure comfort during use. These jeans, which you can choose for both daily combinations and special events, can become one of the indispensable pieces of your wardrobe. RESORT '23
This silver-coloured mini skirt offers a confident look with its high waist, zipper from bottom to top and a slit at the desired depth. RESORT '23
This crop bustier with hand-embroidered gold beads attracts attention with its striking details. Thanks to its fine workmanship and feminine cut, you can wear it at any special event or night out. While this bustier highlights the elegance and style of the wearer, it can be an indispensable part of the wardrobe as an original and eye-catching piece. Combining both elegance and magnificence, this piece helps you make every combination eye-catching. RESORT '23
These sophisticated effortless shorts offer a sporty yet playful touch with their glossy black look, elastic waistband, double side stripes and the number '11' on the front in the same material. RESORT '23
Strapless black lace bustier can be worn easily with any trousers. This stylish design attracts attention with its lace details and modern cut. The black color makes this bustier suitable for both day and night wear and offers the freedom to wear it in different styles. It makes a bold statement while emphasizing the elegance and style of the wearer. This piece, which can be an indispensable item in your wardrobe, helps you make every combination attractive. RESORT '23
Featuring an oversize cut in white, double gold button closure and an embroidered ruffle, this jacket is a classic must-have piece. While the wide and comfortable cut of the jacket offers a modern style, it highlights elegance with its double gold buttons and elegant embroidery. RESORT '23
These wide-leg camel color trousers are the ideal versatile piece to accompany you from the office to your evening out. The stylish color and wide cut of the trousers offer both a professional business look and a style that can be easily worn at social events. Providing a perfect option for dinner or meeting with friends after work life, these trousers can become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. RESORT '23
This shirt, made of silk with classic gold buttons, creates an eye-catching look with its metallic finish. This elegant design stands out with its fine workmanship and high-quality silk fabric. Its gold color and metallic finish make this shirt ideal for wear at both special events and more formal occasions. Button details add a classic and stylish atmosphere and highlight the elegance and style of the wearer. This piece, which can be an indispensable item in your wardrobe, helps you make every combination eye-catching. RESORT '23
Designed to make you stand-out this flattering body hugging silhouette is made of a gold patterned fabric with fringes. RESORT '23
Made of a soft silky fabric, this investment shirt is covered in a variety of animal prints all blended into each other with a see-through look. RESORT '23
With its relaxed loose silhouette this practical beige parka features multiple pockets and a stitched-on NISSE monogram and logo. RESORT '23
For a key versatile piece to your wardrobe, this shimmery pearl knit sweater is a go-to essential. RESORT '23
This graphic t-shirt is made of a soft cotton with a boxy inspired fit. RESORT '23
With a tailored straight-cut silhouette, this vegan leather vest is made to complement any attire. RESORT '23
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